“I just love riding my bike” – Pedego Rider Review

Moss Dance is our webmaster, and communications elf—and she loves her Pedego Interceptor!

“When I was a little kid, I had a Blue Angel banana seat cruiser bike,” remembers Moss, “I used to easily spend half a day riding up and down the same hiking trail near my house. I loved the feeling of the bike flying along the trail, and I loved the wind in my hair.”

Last summer, Moss spent a lot of time on Galiano Island. If you’ve ever done any cycling on Galiano, you know how hilly it is! She lived right at the bottom of a huge hill, a mountain really, that was impossible to bike up with a regular pedal bike. “Then I got my Pedego,” recalls Moss, “and I could get all the way up that huge hill without breaking a sweat!”


20160607_174524-2 (1)

Moss’ Pedego is named Bodicaea, after the fierce Welsh Goddess.

“I like riding for a reason,” says Moss, “I like to take my Pedego grocery shopping, to the farmers’ market, yoga class, or even camping. Last year, my sweetie and I biked in to a remote park on Galiano, and we used the Pedego to tow my old dog Sticky, and all of our camping gear!”

“Electric bikes make riding to work, shopping or town possible for people who live in rural areas,” says Moss. “I love that I can ride my bike to Courtenay from rural Merville these days. It only takes about 30-40 minutes, and it’s a pleasant ride. When I get to town, I’m not super sweaty and exhausted, and I still have energy to get errands done, go to work, and visit friends.”


Moss and Sticky out for a ride on sunny Galiano Island with beautiful Bodicaea (the Pedego Interceptor)

In May, Moss will be moving into her new tiny house on wheels. Her Pedego will be parked in the shelter of the tiny house, the perfect compliment to a simpler life.