Pedego Travel Texada Island

PEDEGO TRAVEL: A Trip to Texada Island

In early February, I took the Pedego van with four bikes over to Texada Island! Even though Texada is not far from Qualicum Beach where we operate the first Pedego Dealership in Canada, this was my first foray out to the island off the coast of Powell River. It’s amazing how every island on the BC Coast has it’s own unique flavour.

Pedego Travel Texada Island

Pedego Travel Texada Island

It’s Easy to Get There

I headed north at 8:30 a.m. and easily made it to the 9:50AM Powell River Ferry from Little River in Comox. I watched my weather app the whole trip and was delighted to have a sunny patch for the day! I made my way to the upper deck on the ferry and spoke with the Chief Steward to find out where to catch the ferry to Blubber Bay, Texada Island. Turns out it’s really easy to get there—and the Chief Steward was clearly envious that I would be spending the day with “the lovely people” of Texada.

In the line-up for the Blubber Bay (Texada Island) ferry a young man stopped me to say that his dad owns a Pedego, and loves his electric bike! From Westview in Powell River, it was just a 40 minute ferry ride to Blubber Bay. 

Once I had arrived on Texada, Diana Vaughn warmly welcomed me, and an enthusiastic crowd had turned out to try bikes!


Pedego Travel Texada Island

Pedego Travel Texada Island

Electric Bikes are Great for Gulf Islanders

As folks took turns testing out the Pedego bikes we brought along, I thought about how Texada Island is very isolated, and very special. The lay of the land has a story to tell about the history of the people here.

I was overwhelmed with people lining up for rides as I arrived and barely able to get the bikes unloaded before the test rides began. People had done their homework reading about Pedegos online—so we got down to the FUN! We always love to see a pleased rider going up their own unbelievably long and high hill without any trouble on our bikes.

Pedego Travel Texada Island

A Few More Details About Texada and Area

There is an airport on the island, a ferry terminal and a well groomed paved road connecting the communities and out to Shelter Point that has a wonderful vista looking at Vancouver Island off to the West and a view of the Limestone Quarry lands which is continuing to produce limestone for  shipment off the island.  I had to leave due to family call but arrived home by 11 p.m. after a great dinner at the Thaidal Zone restaurant in Powell River.  Yummy #29 for noodles, veggies and great service.

Stories to ask about when you’re there:  Ask about The Prince from Germany, the unique sunshine and wonderful infrastructure of Texada and hear the history of mining, whaling and the many people seeking solitude and a place to stretch their entrepreunerial spirits.

I will be back, not just to deliver and repair our local Pedego bikes, but to take my Pedego out for a spin and explore this wild island!

Pedego Travel Texada Island


Many thanks to our test ride hosts at the Texada Island Inn. The Inn features friendly staff, a pub and restaurant, and a van that could be hired to pick you up at the ferry if needed. I recommend the potato, bacon, leek soup in cream! 

I especially recommend anyone wanting a unique experience to take a day or two or three and explore more by meeting and greeting this lovely place with these friendly people.  There will be more than enough to engage you and your Pedego for days.

Julie Edwards, Pedego Qualicum Beach